ReLEx SMILE Laser Vision Correction

This video demonstrates the latest form of laser vision correction, known as ReLEx SMILE laser vision correction performed by me.

SMILE Laser vision correction offers a number of advantages over LASIK:

  • Smaller incision
  • No flap and therefore no flap related complications
  • Better corneal sensation 
  • Reduced dry eye
  • Short treatment time, with treatment time equal for smaller and larger treatments
  • Single laser treatment
  • Predictable results
  • No burning smell

As with all technologies there are some disadvantages:

  • Not available at all centres and by all surgeons due to the nature of the technology
  • Likely to be more expensive as a new technology
  • Track record not as long as more established techniques
  • Not all are suitable - only for short sightedness and astigmatism at the current time.

A Warning: The following video shows real surgery so please use caution if this concerns you. 

If you prefer an animated video with no real surgery, this will be more to your liking: